A beautiful city

Ancient Iolkos, known from the Argonautic campaign, is todays Volos. A hospitable, open-hearted, charming town that spreads out at the foot of Mount Pelion, embracing the Pagasetic Gulf. It will leave you with an unforgettable feeling. The sea breeze merges with the fresh mountain air of Pelion... All of this gives Volos a distinct identity.

You can explore the old factory buildings that have became multi-purpose centers, museums, galleries and shopping centers. You will feel its special character as you walk along the beach front promenade, which is full of people, ‘tsipourodika’ (little bar tavernas serving tsipouro brandy and meze appetizers), pastry shops, bars, historic buildings. Going up from Volos to Pelion, you will reach Portaria and Makrinitsa, the regions most famous villages.

Volos is a place to take in a wonderful deep breath of beauty, which will fill you with a sense of freedom.

Things to do in Volos

  • Take a stroll along the beach front,
  • stop for a glass of tsipouro brandy at one of the traditional ‘tsipourodika’ for which the city is so famous,
  • and do visit the citys museums