Sightseeing in the area

Discover the beauties of Volos and Pelion

The Centaur’s Trail
The spring at Adamena is the starting point of a unique experience. This is where the Centaur’s Trail begins.
The path unfolds through dense undergrowth, streams, plane trees, wooden bridges and the sounds of nature that give life to an explosively beautiful landscape... and a thousand ancient myths! In the spring the river flows on unrelentingly and the landscape is green. In autumn it takes on a more sombre appearance due to the colour of the dying leaves that presage the coming of winter.
Don’t miss this walk through the beautiful countryside, next to sparkling streams that bubble down from the top of the mountain!

Panagia Portarea (Our Lady of Portaria)
The small wooden church of Panagia Portaria was built in the 16th century on the site of the Byzantine monastery of Panagia Portarea, dating back to the 13th century. It was the main church of the monastery, and is one of the most important churches of Portaria, giving its name to the area.
The courtyard of the church of Panagia Portaria is shared by the church of Agios Nikolaos, the Metropolitan Church of Portaria, which is right next to it. It is also worth a visit.

Volos Railway Station
It was built by the Society of Thessalian Railways according to the architectural plans of the Italian engineer Evaristo de Chirico in 1882, and since then has been preserved virtually unchanged.
It is distinguished for its self-contained aesthetics, its harmonious layout, its composed elegance, and the overall combination of its aesthetic and functional design features.

The Ancient Theatre of Demetriados

The theater is located within the boundaries of the walls of ancient Demetrias, at the Dontia, (the “teeth”; the name of the place comes from the surviving pillars of the ancient aqueduct that passes by next to the theatre), near the community of Neon Pagason, part of the Municipality of Volos.

The little Pelion train, the legendary Moutzouri
The little Pelion steam train, the legendary Moutzouri as it is better known, is a reference point for the entire county of Magnesia, and it has been working for more than a century now. It is one of the best experiences that all visitors to the area should make sure they enjoy at least once.