Pelion in Autumn

The period from mid-September to mid-October is perhaps the best time to be in Pelion. The temperature is pleasant and the sea cool and refreshing.

The leaves on the trees take on a wonderful range of colours.

The whole mountain is covered with trees bearing fruit: apple trees, quinces, chestnut trees, walnut trees. Light breezes whisper through the woods, with their tall beech trees, oak trees, plane trees, wild chestnuts. There are also pine forests, and clusters of fir and spruce.

Even during autumn, the small Pelion train continues to make its way to Pelion on a daily basis.
You can also go hiking and enjoy the walks, canyoning, downhill to the beaches, and even do some swimming, since the sea is at an ideal temperature this time of year. You can even choose to explore the mountain paths on horseback.

You also have the opportunity to get acquainted with the herbs endemic to the region, and to take traditional Greek cooking classes in our farm .

So many of the activities you can choose from can be enjoyed all year round.